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Week of May 1

Sixth Sunday of Easter
Psalm 67
John 14:22-29
Acts 16:9-15

1. What does the psalmist call God to do (v. 1)? Is the psalmist limiting this call just for the benefit of his people and nation (v. 2)? Who is left out of praising God (v. 3)?

2. Why does the psalmist call all nations to praise God (v. 4)? How has God blessed the nations (v. 6)? Do you think God only wants a relationship with just certain nations? Why do people call for God     only to bless them and their nation? How do you think God would be most pleased by the people of all nations?

3. What questions is asked of Jesus (v. 22)? How does Jesus respond (v. 23)? Who will keep Jesus’ word, and what does that mean (v. 23)? Where will Jesus and God dwell if a person responds in that manner (v. 23)? If a person does not love Jesus, what does that person not do (v. 24)? Do you keep or   try to keep Jesus’ word? Why or why not?


4. Who will God send to help those who love Jesus (v. 26)? What does Jesus leave with the disciples and what does he mean that it is not like what the world gives (v. 27)? How would you define peace in your day to day life? What does Jesus say to reassure the disciples (v. 28)? Why does Jesus tell the disciples what will happen (v. 29)? What do you need to have faith?

5. What does Paul describe he saw in a vision (v. 9)? What did Paul and his followers do immediately and how did they decide Paul’s vision was reasonable (v. 10)? Do you act on every vision or dream you encounter—why or why not? How do you know which is God-centered?

6. Did Paul and his team have to make a short trip or a more difficult journey (vv. 11-12)? What is ironic that Paul is called to share the good news in this area (v. 12)? Where did Paul and his people go to worship on Sunday and who did they encounter (v. 13)? Did Paul take credit for the conversion of Lydia (v. 14)? Do you think the Word of God can change people? Does the change have to occur           immediately? How did the Word of God change you? Are you hungry to know Christ? 

Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 8, 2016:

Psalm 97
John 17:20-26;
Acts 16:16-32

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