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Monday, April 21, 2014
Unconditional Love and Justice in Action

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Sunday April 20, 2014
Easter Sunday
John 20:1-18
Beneath the Surface: Savior
Rev. Monte Marshall
8:45 am Liturgical Service 
Holy Communion, organ
Sanctuary Choir 
Travis Park Ringers
brass ensemble
11:00 am Celebration Service
Celebration Band and Singers



The Middle School Sunday School class will host an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter morning during Sunday School (10 am) and Children's Church (11am) on the third floor. Don't forget your Easter basket!

Does prayer work? Am I being selfish to pray for myself? Why pray anyway? What about my prayers that weren’t answered? If you have ever wrestled with these questions, perhaps you would be interested in a class on prayer.
Beginning Sunday, May 4th from 4:00-6:00 PM, we will begin a six week class on prayer, exploring these questions and other topics, including definitions of prayer, the impediments to prayer, the forms of prayer, and the use of Scripture in prayer.
Beginning Thursday, May 8th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, we will also offer this same class at the home of one of our members who lives in Northeast/North central San Antonio near Loop 410.
The class will cost $15 to cover the cost of a book to be used during the weeks of the study.
Please send your questions and/or register with Pastor Taylor Boone at as soon as you can so that we can determine if both classes will have enough people attending.

Recently, Bishop Dorff announced that Rev. Teresa Welborn will be leaving her current position as Executive Director of Clergy Development on the Conference Staff to be appointed District Superintendent of the newly formed Capital District. The district will include the current Austin District plus areas west and south of Austin. This redrawing of district lines is part of the transition to our new Rio Texas Conference. Teresa’s new appointment will begin in July. We are thrilled for her and for the Capital District, but sad to lose her, husband Paul Harper and daughter Clare as they move to Austin this summer. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Teresa preach next Sunday, April 27 at 8:45 and 11:00 worship, using the scripture John 20:19-31.

We have learned a lot about TPUMC and the needs of the community through our meetings and conversations with our neighbors. Thank you to those who participated in our initial holy conversations answering the questions about why you are here, what brought you to Travis Park and then what keeps you here. Those answers can be read on the bulletin board posted in the foyer.
To continue these conversations, we are holding additional meetings scheduled and ask that you attend one of the following to answer "What is God calling us to do?":
Sunday, April 27th at 10am, Labyrinth Room
Sunday, April 27th at 11am, Labyrinth Room
Sunday, April 27th at 5pm, Labyrinth Room
Sunday, April 27th at 6:30pm, Labyrinth Room
Wednesday, April30th at 7:30pm, Labyrinth Room
Come and share your thoughts of What God Is Calling us to do.
Results of the Holy Conversations survey of our neighbors are in. Pick up a hard copy at the Information Desk or find it here.

The Travis Park UMC Young Adult Bible Study group hereby invites everyone in or around the age range of 18 through 35 to come explore the unfamiliar territory of the Gnostic Gospels. The authenticity and accuracy of these writings, which include the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary, among many others, have been highly debated. However, rather than dismissing the Gnostic Gospels as utter heresy, many Biblical scholars believe that the documents may shed additional light on Jesus’ life and teachings. Some of these scholars share their insights on Lost Gospels or False Gospels?, the DVD that will be the foundation of our study series.
The Gnostic Gospel study is set to launch on Sunday, April 27. We meet from 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. in the office conference room. There are no homework assignments, and all views and ideas are welcome. Please join us as we boldly go where few of us have gone before!



Café Corazon Beginnings by Becky Snodgrass   (excerpts)
In early February 1999 some folks gathered to discuss an idea that Mike Cline had. The way I remember it, and the way I tell the story, is what Mike shared with us that evening. He explained that he had been walking in Austin with his mom when a homeless man approached them and asked for money. Apparently, Mike’s mother gave the guy some money and Mike expressed his concern about it. Mike said his mom had told him that her brother was also out on the streets somewhere, and she prayed that someone would do the same for him. This story stayed with Mike for a year or so before he moved to San Antonio. The group began the “what if’s” – what if we just try serving food every Sunday for a month? We decided we would attempt to serve breakfast every Sunday for six months. I remember thinking to myself: there is no way we can do this. Luckily, I followed my peers on this one. We had several planning meetings to figure out the details and to discuss the menu. Our biggest concern in doing this was that the café NOT be like a “soup kitchen.” We decided that we would call our visitors “guests” because this is how we wanted them to feel. Our first Sunday of serving was on Palm Sunday, 1999. I missed the first Sunday of Café being served because my mother had just died and I was not in town. After having gone through such a traumatic time in my life, the last place I wanted to be on the following Sunday, Easter Sunday, was serving breakfast to the homeless. I carried so much grief during that time, but my church family gave me much encouragement so I was where I needed to be that Sunday. We probably had 150 people that second Sunday and I remember looking around seeing the many faces and thinking wow.   While I was pouring syrup, I just began to cry. A man approached me and asked what was wrong and I told him I was sad because my mom just died. The man I never met put his hand on my shoulder and simply said he was sorry. I will never forget the change that happened to me personally that day. What I realized was that every one of us experiences pain, and we are all in this together. Looking out and seeing the diverse faces of the crowd, I remember feeling that this is what God is calling us all to do. For months, the same group of people did the shopping, serving and cleaning up each Sunday and the people “upstairs” seemed to be curious about what was going on. We began asking Sunday school classes to volunteer to be in charge one Sunday a month. It took off from there. People brought their friends, co-workers, kids, and it all got done, every week since. We really did not have a budget, but we knew we had to do it cheap. We were able to keep our costs down to about 40 cents a plate and still provide a healthy meal. We went to day-old bakeries and bought bread, got supplies at Sam’s and scrubbed pans. Larry Fay found fruit through a friend and donated plenty every Sunday. Dr. Richard Ferguson sat up a table and began seeing folks for their medical issues. Homeless guests began to play the piano, or sing.
The final thing I can say is that we must listen to our experiences and, more importantly, share them with the people around us. Had Mike not ever discussed his experience in Austin that day, this whole thing might never have begun. Many people have come along and have shared their own gifts and talents.
Read more about Café Corazon’s history here.

5:00 and 6:30 pm,  May 4, Labyrinth Room
Calling all women! Join United Methodist Women president Shawn Campbell to learn more about this great new (to us) group and to get to know other women. There will be moments of mission, reflection, current events and fun.
UMW is open to all women:  you do not have to be a member of Travis Park and you do not have to be a United Methodist, you just have to want to promote the general wellbeing of women and children locally and internationally. Questions? Contact
*Please note, the class will only meet at 6:30, not at 5:00 as previously listed.

Monday/Tuesday, May 4 & 5, 9:30 -11:45 a.m.  
University Presbyterian Church, 300 Bushnell, near Trinity University
Cost: $25/2 sessions 
Register : 210-732-9927,
Take a tour behind the scenes as Paul writes his two letters to the Corinthians. These letters have had an important influence on our theology of communion, the church as a body, spiritual gifts and serving one another. But what was happening in Corinth that required Paul to write with so much passion and intensity? Learn what the city of Corinth was like, how Paul set up the community, and what happened after he left. Dr. Timothy Milinovich will also show us how we can interpret the letters in our own churches now.
The instructor, Dr. Timothy Milinovich, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and the Pastoral Institute at the University of the Incarnate Word. He received his MA in Religion & Bible from Yale Divinity School and earned a PhD in Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America.  He is the author of Beyond What Is Written: The Performative Structure of 1 Corinthians, and Now Is the Day of Salvation, which discusses the structure of 2 Corinthians.    
The SoL Center at University Presbyterian Church is an interfaith education center for adults who seek to explore the full dimensions of religious faith in the 21st century. For more information on SoL Center classes visit

Sunday, May 11, 4-6 pm, Office Conference Room    
Entry Point is for anyone who is interested in joining or learning more about TPUMC and our ministries. During this pastor-led session, you will learn about who we are as a community of faith, some of our history and opportunities to get involved. Contact Taylor Brown 

Big thanks to Sarah Weynand, Living Green Task Force and all who participated in the electronics recycling campaign. We collected an impressive pile of junk for Corona Visions to recycle responsibly. Way to look after God’s great creation!

Due to the yearly increased costs of licensing and chair rentals, the TPUMC youth have decided to forgo selling Fiesta parade tickets this year. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for the parades you may contact the Fiesta Commission at 227-5191or Thank you!

SUNDAYNIGHTLIVE  April 27 (No SNL this Sunday, April 20 due to Easter) 
5:00-8:00      Nursery for children age infant through kinder
5:00-6:00      Joyful Noise!  grades 1-5, Caroline Bonner & Analisa Campbell
5:00-6:00      Emmaus Singers for grades 6-12 with Gary Mabry
5:00-6:00     Travis Park Ringers with Bethany Hirota-Mabry
6:00-6:30      Dinner for all ages
6:30-8:00      Kids’ Club for grades 1-5 with Carol Kohrs
6:30-8:00      Travis Park Youth grades 6-12 with Taylor Brown 
6:30-8:00      Sanctuary Choir with Gary Mabry  

Want to promote a program, initiative or event? Here’s how it works: Let me know no later than 9am Tuesday if you have a news item to include so that I can save space. Please submit the content for your news item no later than 9am on Thursday. Submissions should be concise with a title, day, time, location, contact person/info and short description. It’s best to promote events for at least two weeks in advance. News items are generally shared in four ways: the printed Travis Park News, on the News page of, in the weekly news email, and during announcements in worship. 
Betty Curry, Director of Communications,

Contact Rev. Dale Tremper to volunteer to prepare meals for our weekly Prayer Picnic, a part of Corazon Ministries’ outreach ministry. or 210-226-8341.

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